Urban economics and urban expansion modelling

Urban economics, Urban structure dynamics (Land-use transport interaction models), Future studies and long-term scenarios

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Adapting Cities to Climate Change: A Systemic Modelling Approach
Societies have to both reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and undertake adaptation measures to limit the negative impacts of global …

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Modeling urban expansion across a panel of diverse cities
Poster at the IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference, Edmonton, Canada
A Review and Analysis of Quantitative Integrated Environmental Assessment Methods for Urban Areas
An introduction to the challenges facing urban areas and the urgent need to make them more sustainable: - A key challenge is the …
Modélisation Urbaine et Stratégies d'adaptation Au Changement Climatique Pour Anticiper La Demande et La Production d'énergie
L'agglomération Parisienne Au XXIème Siècle: Leçons d'un Exercice de Prospective