Adaptation to Climate Change in Cities of the Mediterranean Europe


European cities across the Mediterranean Europe face common climatic threats. These urbanised areas are highly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change and are very likely to suffer potential losses and damages due to the impacts of climate change. However, there is no systematic understanding of how cities in this area are preparing to adapt to these impacts.This research gathered and analysed adaptation planning documents in a sample of 73 cities in 51 regions across 9 European countries located along the Mediterranean Sea. Results show that only 30.1% of the cities in the sample have adopted an adaptation plan, this percentage rises to 62% for regions.~The most common concerns across the analysed cities are the variation in urban temperature and rainfall, followed by drought and water scarcity. The regional adaptation policy framework, however, seems to have little influence on the development of plans. Instead, in countries where there is an obligation to develop local climate adaptation plan (e.g.: France) all cities developed an adaptation plan.The results of this paper shed light on the progress of local adaptation planning in Mediterranean Europe and pave the way for further studies and research in this very peculiar geographical area.

SSRN working paper