Sustainable city development policies

Climate Policy implications on/from urban areas, Synergies and conflicts between urban climate policies and other urban policies, Modelling of coupled human/natural/engineering systems.

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Mapping the Benefits of Nature in Cities with the InVEST Software
Natural infrastructure such as parks, forests, street trees, green roofs, and coastal vegetation is central to sustainable urban …
Climate Mitigation in the Mediterranean Europe: An Assessment of Regional and City-Level Plans
In Europe, regions in the Mediterranean area share common characteristics in terms of high sensitivity to climate change impacts. Does …
Will Climate Mitigation Ambitions Lead to Carbon Neutrality? An Analysis of the Local-Level Plans of 327 Cities in the EU
Cities across the globe recognise their role in climate mitigation and are acting to reduce carbon emissions. Knowing whether cities …
Integration of Mitigation and Adaptation in Urban Climate Change Action Plans in Europe: A Systematic Assessment
Cities are major drivers of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions–the sources of anthropocentric climate change, whilst …
Early Adaptation to Heat Waves and Future Reduction of Air-Conditioning Energy Use in Paris
Some actions intended to adapt to climate change may do more harm than good, especially when they consume energy, making it more …

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The POLL-EXPO Project (Public Policies, Urban Organization and Logistics as Levers for EXPOsure).
Modeling urban expansion across a panel of diverse cities
Poster at the IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference, Edmonton, Canada