7. Cross-cutting issues II

Urban form and land planning

In this lecture, we discuss an important part of urban policies: land planning. Land planning plays a key role to get adapted to climate change impacts, but also to reduce emissions, and to mitigate losses in ecosystem services. It also plays a key role on social and economic issues. How can we conciliate all these questions? Are there synergies and trade-offs?

Download the slides here. Download the slides presented during the class here.

Required reading

The spatial organization of cities: Deliberate outcome or unforeseen consequence? a 2004 article by Alain Bertaud. We will discuss this paper during the class (NB: you will study these questions in depth in the second semester in the Urban Ecomomics class).

Urban planning and urban design


Urban sprawl


The “window of opportunity”


Should we promnote urban density?


  • [In French] A short report on the density of different neighborhoods in Paris Metropolitan Area (Île de France Région), with a historical perspective. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Urban planning and transport


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